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EspoCRM - Open Source CRM
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What is EspoCRM?

Eine Web Anwendung die es Ihnen ermöglicht, alle Kundenbeziehungen Ihres Unternehmens zu erfassen, zu sehen und zu bewerten — egal welcher Natur diese sind. Personen, Firmen, Projekte, Verkaufschancen u.v.m. — übersichtlich und intuitiv in einer Anwendung.

20,181 Firmen die EspoCRM benützen
161 Länder der Welt
1048 Tage seit dem ersten Release

Where is it used?

EspoCRM on mobile and desktop devices
Webbasiertes CRM. Eine Version für alle Endgeräte.
Getestet für alle großen Hosting Provider.
Neue Funktionen mindestens alle 2 Monate.
Responsives Webdesign mit neuester Technologie.
Super schnell.
Open Source unter GPL3. GRATIS.
Unbeschränkte Benutzeranzahl.
Lokal oder als Cloudservice verwendbar.
Anpassungen ohne zu programmieren.

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One of the main benefits of our EspoCRM software is that it’s fully customizable. We strive to create a solution that fits different business and industry needs, without having to rely on a “one size fits all” approach or make you spend a fortune on customization.

We are more than happy to add functionality and customize our CRM software in order to meet your unique needs and requirements. For a small fee, our team will readily improve, change or amend the EspoCRM code and create a completely customized CRM solution, designed exclusively for your business.


We love to treat our constantly growing customer network as a part of our family. Check out the testimonials, left by our clients and see their experiences with EspoCRM for yourself.

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The first version is expected at the end of February 2014.
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